Voices of Maestros

For the past 18 years, the Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust has been organizing an Annual Concert Series named “UGAM” The Rising Sun. This initiative was conceived by Padam Sachetiji in loving memory of his late father, Shri Inderchandji Sahib Sacheti. At the core of “UGAM” is Padam Sachetiji himself, a humble and unassuming individual who, despite being a successful businessman, has always harbored a deep passion for Indian Classical Music. His vision for “UGAM” has been to provide a platform not only for renowned legends of Indian Classical Music but also for budding vocal and instrumental artists.

Seeking guidance from the late Santoor Maestro Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Padam Sachetiji has dedicated his time and resources to the service of Indian Classical Music, culminating in the current success of the concert series. Supported by his devoted family members, including his wife Smt. Manju Ji, sons, and daughters-in-law, Padam Sachetiji has been able to attract celebrated maestros of Indian Classical Music to grace the stage with their mesmerizing performances. As a book titled “UGAM” is set to be published, I extend my heartfelt wishes for its success and hope that “UGAM” continues to thrive and shine on the global stage in the years ahead.

Smt Manorama Sharma

Padam ji has been an integral part of our family for over ten years. His steadfast commitment to promoting the rich heritage of Indian classical music serves as a shining example of how someone outside the music industry can become a key advocate for our traditional musical legacy. Padam ji shared a strong bond with my late father, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, and this connection is honored every 13th January, my father’s birthday, through musical celebrations featuring my Santoor.

At these events, deserving artists receive the Pt Shivkumar Sharma Samman award, a unique honor named after my father and previously after my late grandfather, Pt Uma Dutt Sharma, a thoughtful suggestion by Padam ji. UGAM stands as a significant milestone in providing scholarships to talented young individuals, made possible through Padam ji’s generosity. Lifetime achievement awards play a crucial role in preserving and promoting positivity and encouragement to deserving talents, ensuring that future generations are inspired by the legacy of great artists.

Pandit rahul sharma

I believe music indeed reinforces creativity and the talents of individuals. So, friends, it’s a great experience for me to be with you today and to share the joy of honoring the two great exponents of music, especially using the name of the creator of Santoor Music. Today, we have some exclusive audio channels to spread the music of our legends. Likewise, the media can consider a TV program to enable the younger generation to listen to music played on ancient traditional instruments. I would suggest that electronic media can record and broadcast musical programs of legendary personalities who have played instruments like Santoor, Sarod, Jaltarang, Rudra Veena, etc.

This would be a significant service by electronic media for the preservation of music played by unique instruments played with purity of raga by eminent personalities. All television channels can participate in such programs. As a next step, music lovers and artists can also consider creating a dedicated channel for classical music in multiple languages. Friends, today’s organizations are making sports personalities their brand ambassadors in a similar fashion. Similarly, great musicians and those who have performed using unique instruments like Surbahar, Santoor, Tabla and Tarang can be sponsored as brand ambassadors for organizations.

Such sponsorship will enable the artist to undertake the training of youth who have an aptitude to learn a particular instrument, even though they may not have the means to support their musical training. This could help create a certain amount of scholarship for musically inclined students as a full-time professional training activity. Our country has talented artists, and today I’m happy to be among those who have rendered sustained meritorious service and given happiness to the hearts of millions and millions of people in the country.

I am fully convinced that art, music, dance, drama give connectivity to the multiple variants in society and can elevate the minds of the people. On the other hand, many young artists from all over the country, especially [mention specific region], should be encouraged. I think I am in the right forum today. So, I urge all the artists present and the Trust to encourage young artists, giving them early recognition so that they can enter into the rich art culture of our country, which indeed needs nourishment in the form of young performance. I’m happy that the Trust instituted a scholarship scheme for junior artists in the memory of late Pandit Uma Dutt Sharmaji, friends. Whenever I think about the 1 billion people of our country and how to connect them, one thing always comes to my mind: our civilization has given us certain unique binding and integrating factors like performing arts in various dance forms, Hindustani and Karnatak music, and various theater art forms that are great integrators.

APJ Abdul Kalam

Padam Sacheti stands out as one of the most modest individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Our connection was established through the esteemed Late Pandit ShivKumar Sharma, and over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing his unwavering passion for music. Padam Sacheti exemplifies a deep dedication to music, particularly in the realm of classical music, where his contributions have been significant. For over a decade and a half, he has consistently organized concerts and provided scholarships to budding musicians, nurturing their talents.

One fortunate student who received his scholarship benefitted immensely, advancing their musical abilities. It is truly remarkable to encounter someone with a background in jewelry who remains so down-to-earth and committed to Indian classical music. I sincerely hope that he continues to thrive in both health and prosperity, reaching even greater milestones in the future.

Padma Bhushan Pandit Ajoy Chakroborty

Padam ji is akin to a cherished family member to me. Our acquaintance spans over the past three decades. My joy knows no bounds in being a part of UGAM for the last five years. The Scholarship program they provide to students proves to be immensely advantageous. I am truly grateful for their significant contributions to music enthusiasts and learners. Padam ji`s deep admiration and affection for Hindustani classical music shine through, and through his continuous efforts, he impacts numerous lives by fostering a deep love and respect for classical music. May success accompany him in all his future ventures.

Padma Vibhushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

We first met through Mr. Surana from Jaipur over 30 years ago. Mr. Sacheti has a deep passion for music, particularly classical music. Over time, we developed a strong mutual respect for one another and connected over coffee and music at his store in Mumbai. In addition to being a successful businessman, he is also a staunch supporter of Indian music. His efforts in organizing classical music concerts for established and emerging artists are truly commendable. We could benefit from more individuals like Mr. Sacheti, who are dedicated to nurturing young musicians and helping them excel in the music industry. I personally extend my best wishes to him for his future endeavors and hope he continues to build upon the remarkable legacy he has established.

Padma Shri Pandit Anup Jalota

For several years, I have cherished a close and friendly connection with dear Padam Sacheti ji and respected Bhabhi Ji. It was a true honor for me to showcase my Sitar skills as a guest artist at the prestigious UGAM Festival some time ago. This annual event consistently presents exceptional musical performances by top-tier senior artists and draws a large audience. Jaipur Gems deserves recognition for its commendable efforts in promoting our classical arts, enriching the lives of music enthusiasts, and raising awareness.

While we deeply feel the absence of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma ji, his legacy and blessings continue to inspire such meaningful initiatives. The scholarships provided to talented young students and disciples of renowned masters are a vital contribution, offering crucial support to nurture the next generation of musicians. The Lifetime Achievement Awards bestowed by Jaipur Gems are a fitting tribute to honor the invaluable contributions of senior musicians. I extend my best wishes to Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust on this significant occasion.

Pandit Nayan Ghosh

Jaipur Gems Trust is highly esteemed within the music community for its diverse initiatives dedicated to the advancement of classical music. For numerous years, the trust has diligently arranged concerts, honored musicians for their invaluable contributions, awarded scholarships to gifted music students, and afforded them opportunities to exhibit their artistic talents. At the helm is Sri. Padam Sacheti, along with his family, who are instrumental in driving these efforts. Sri. Sacheti, a distinguished entrepreneur and ardent music enthusiast, deserves heartfelt wishes for a long and prosperous life.

Padma Vibhushan Smt. Dr. Prabha Atre

I have been acquainted with Padam Ji for around 30 to 35 years as a passionate music enthusiast. We both have a deep appreciation for Indian classical music, forming a strong connection through our shared love for the art form. His concerts serve as a platform for aspiring musicians, making a significant impact on the industry by nurturing new talent.
Padma Bhushan Dr. N. Rajam
I am connected to Mr. Sacheti through the late Pdt Shiv Kumar Sharmaji. He has been a patron of my organization, offering support. The platform established by Mr. Sacheti offers significant exposure to young artists. These emerging musicians benefit from such strategic events as they are introduced to a diverse audience of Indian classical music enthusiasts. This legacy created by Mr. Sacheti is truly remarkable and will endure for generations to come.Pandit Yogesh Shamsi
Mr. Sacheti and I have known each other for nearly 25 years. Our shared passion for music and Bhartiya sangeet forms the foundation of our close bond. UGAM holds significant value for individuals who appreciate Bhartiya classical music, providing a space where enthusiasts come together to revel in the performances of maestros and their protégés. Moreover, the introduction of the new award in honor of the Late Pandit Shivkumar Sharma is a commendable effort to inspire and support budding musicians.Padma Shri Vijay Ghate
I have held a deep admiration for Sacheti Ji ever since I first met him, which has been only about a decade, yet it seems like a lifetime. He is a strong advocate for classical music and supports artists like myself wholeheartedly. Additionally, he possesses a keen musical sensibility. I am hopeful that future students will have the opportunity to benefit from the scholarship he offers.Padma Shri Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan
I have known Padamji for approximately 25 years now, and my admiration for him knows no bounds. He is not only a kind-hearted individual but also a dedicated contributor to the Indian classical music sector. His selfless efforts in this field are truly praiseworthy and deserving of recognition. The sincerity with which he undertakes his work without any ulterior motives is truly commendable.Padma Vibhushan Pandit Ramnarayan

With the arrival of the respected Padam Sacheti ji into the music world of Mumbai, a new addition was created in support of Indian classical music.

Various events have been held in the memory of his esteemed father Shri Inderchand Sacheti ji. A grand yearly musical event is being held since several years, under the mentorship of iconic Pt. Shivkumar ji Sharma. With his passing away, The Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust has been deprived of a great mentor and guidance of a highly respected musician.

However, Padam ji has not lost his fervour to continue the wonderful work, to promote music by holding yearly grand concerts, presenting great and upcoming musicians. Scholarships are also being given to deserving and upcoming musicians.

I have known Padam ji for many years and his warm friendship has been a source of inspiration to me, as well as many others. He is a source of musical arch light to one and all in the music world.

Pandit Arvind Parikh

Mr. Sacheti stands out as a beacon of inspiration in the world of finance and culture. Unlike many individuals in strong financial positions who prioritize material wealth, Mr. Sacheti recognizes the profound impact of supporting and preserving arts and culture. His dedication to the promotion and preservation of fine arts, including Indian Classical Music, is commendable. Through initiatives like UGAM, a noble endeavor by the Sacheti family, he not only fosters a deeper appreciation for classical music but also ensures its continuity for future generations.

The influence of individuals like Mr. Sacheti extends far beyond personal success, as they play a crucial role in shaping societal values and priorities. By investing in the arts and culture, they contribute to the enrichment of communities and the preservation of heritage. The commitment of such individuals to nurturing talent andpromoting artistic expression is essential for the growth and sustainability of the cultural industry. It is heartening to see leaders like Mr. Sacheti paving the way for a vibrant and culturally rich society, and their efforts are truly invaluable in upholding the essence of our artistic heritage.

Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan

Padam Ji is an exceptional individual who has made significant contributions to the field of philanthropy through his passion for music. Over the last three decades, I have had the honor of knowing him and witnessing his unwavering commitment to promoting Hindustani classical music through his musical initiative, Ugam. His endeavors have provided a platform for both renowned and emerging musicians to come together, offering a wonderful opportunity for music enthusiasts to enjoy their performances.

In addition to his musical achievements, Padam Ji has also founded a thriving jewelry enterprise, Jaipur Gems, which has been thriving for more than half a century. His extraordinary accomplishments in both the realms of music and business serve as a true inspiration. He exemplifies to today’s youth that with perseverance and dedication, one can accomplish whatever they set their hearts on. I extend my best wishes to Padam Ji for his future ventures with Jaipur Gems and Ugam. His philanthropic contributions through music are truly praiseworthy, and his triumphs in the business sphere stand as a testament to his diligence and commitment. May he continue to be a source of inspiration and motivation to people for years to come.

Mr. Mangal Prabhat Lodha

For the past two to two and a half decades, I have had the pleasure of knowing Padam Ji, a fervent music enthusiast. Our shared passion for Indian classical music has forged a strong bond between us. Padam Ji has generously invested his time and resources into nurturing emerging talents through his event, Ugam. His profound love for various art forms is truly commendable. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Padam Sacheti for his significant contributions to Indian classical music and its artists. I wish him continued good health and applaud his laudable endeavors in safeguarding our nation’s vibrant cultural legacy.
Mr. A.N. Roy

Padam Sacheti is a renowned figure in the jewelry industry with over 50 years of experience. As the founder of Jaipur Gems, he is synonymous with excellence and skill in craftsmanship. What distinguishes Mr. Sacheti from his contemporaries is his emphasis on cultivating lasting relationships with his clientele. In addition to his accomplishments in jewellery, he has played a significant role in promoting Indian classical music. 19 years ago, he established Ugam to preserve and advance Hindustani classical music, providing a prestigious platform for musicians to showcase their talents.

Through his visionary initiative, Udaan, Mr. Sacheti supports emerging classical musicians by offering them opportunities to perform alongside established artists, fostering a sense of community and mentorship in the industry. His dedication to both fields has earned him admiration and respect from musicians and artists alike.

Smt. Shailesh Srivastava

I have been acquainted with Mr. Sacheti for over 25 years. He is not just a prominent figure in the jewelry sector but also a significant supporter of Hindustani classical music in India. I truly admire his emphasis on building relationships in both the jewellery and music fields. His accomplishments with Ugam and Udaan are truly impressive and deserving of admiration.Mr. Satish Chand Mathur

The mention of “Jaipur Gems” immediately brings to mind the esteemed figure of Shri Padam Sacheti Ji, not just for his involvement in the gem and jewelry industry, but also for his contributions to Indian Classical Music. I have had the pleasure of knowing Shri Padam Ji for the past few decades, and it fills me with joy to see that his initiative, UGAM, is approaching its twentieth anniversary. UGAM has evolved into a highly regarded annual event where Padam Ji showcases both budding talents and seasoned maestros. His dual efforts of honoring maestros with lifetime achievement awards while also supporting young musicians through annual scholarships reflect a truly commendable gesture.

Shri Padam Ji’s compassionate and dedicated nature shines through in his commitment to preserving the rich legacy of Indian Classical Music. He can be likened to a connoisseur – adept not only in the realm of precious gems but also in the realm of music. Much like the historical royal households of Rajasthan who patronized musicians, Padam Ji stands as a modern-day patron, ensuring the continuity of our cultural heritage.

Dr. Ashwini Bhide Despande

Padam Ji and I have a longstanding friendship that spans two decades. He has dedicated himself to serving the community and has demonstrated admirable philanthropy through his musical endeavors. Establishing a platform like Ugam for musicians at varying stages of their careers is no easy task, yet Padam Ji has managed to accomplish this feat. By promoting Hindustani classical music, he plays a crucial role in upholding an important cultural heritage. Moreover, his remarkable success in the jewelry industry with Jaipur Gems over the past 50 years is truly impressive. Excelling in two distinct fields is a rarity, but Padam Ji does so with elegance and unwavering commitment.

His diligence, entrepreneurial drive, and remarkable achievements are truly motivational. In essence, Padam Ji is an extraordinary individual who has made a significant impact in the realms of music and business. I have full confidence that he will continue to achieve remarkable feats, and I extend my best wishes for his continued success with both Jaipur Gems and UGAM.

Padma Bhushan Dr. Ramakanta Panda

Mr. Sacheti is an exceptional individual whose love for jewelry, music, and Bhartiya sangeet has solidified his legacy. Connecting with someone who shares similar interests and hobbies is always a delightful experience, and in the case of Mr. Sacheti, he has not only been a close friend for two decades but also a long-time neighbor. UGAM is an event that should not be missed by anyone who has an appreciation for classical Indian music. This gathering brings together individuals with a shared passion, offering them a unique chance to celebrate and enjoy the art form collectively. Observing renowned musicians and their protégés perform live, surrounded by fellow music aficionados, is truly a joyous experience.

The introduction of the new award in honor of the Late Pt Shivkumar Sharma ji is a praiseworthy initiative that will inspire young musicians to follow their love for classical music. It is crucial to acknowledge and bolster emerging talent, and this award represents a positive step in that direction. Supporting these budding artists ensures the longevity and prosperity of this exquisite art form for the generations to come.

Mr. Sachin Bhau Ahir

Mr. Sacheti has established a prominent presence in the jewelry business, transforming Jaipur Gems into a renowned jewelry brand by despite his remarkable success in the business world, he remains dedicated to nurturing his passion for Indian Classical Music. Through his unwavering support, he has significantly contributed to the industry, alongside the invaluable guidance of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. Personally participating in events like the Bi-annual UGAM program organized by the Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust has shown me the immense impact of such initiatives in not only sustaining but also enhancing the Indian Classical Music Industry. I deeply admire Mr. Sacheti for his selfless efforts in bolstering our industry, demonstrating how his commitment to preserving our musical heritage benefits not only us but also future generations within the field.Padma Shri Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar
There are only a handful of individuals in the country who are as dedicated to promoting Indian Classical Music as Mr. Sacheti. He not only supports upcoming musicians but also organizes unique, well-coordinated, and dignified events. I recently participated in one such event and was truly impressed by the sincere gesture of honoring the luminaries of Indian Classical Music with the lifetime Achievement Award. This recognition is both exceptional and motivating. Having known Padam ji for over two decades, I eagerly anticipate participating in future events. I extend my best wishes to him and his family for a healthy and prosperous life.Pandit Tejendra Narayan Majumdar

I am delighted to discuss Padam Sacheti Bhai, whose dedication to promoting Indian Classical Music is truly remarkable. Witnessing his commitment year after year for the past 19 years has left me deeply moved. His establishment of awards in honor of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma is a prestigious tribute within the industry. UGAM, an event he spearheads, garners immense admiration for showcasing top artists. My introduction to Padam Bhai came through Shri Prakash Surana Ji, who is like a bigger brother to us. The impact of the scholarships provided to emerging artists is immeasurable and widely recognized within the industry.

Through this support, students are able to refine their skills, a gesture not commonly seen from someone of Padam Bhai’s stature. The lifetime achievement award, reserved for those who have dedicated their lives to music, reflects the high regard for exemplary individuals in the field. I extend my best wishes to Padam Bhai and express my heartfelt gratitude for his tireless efforts.

Pandit Ronu Majumdar

In the ethereal realms of Indian Classical Music, where melodies transcend time and touch the soul, there exists a luminary whose passion and generosity have left an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian Classical Music. Shri Padam Sacheti, a jeweller, philanthropist, and devoted patron of Indian Classical Music, has become a revered figure within the musical community in India. Over the years, his endeavors, particularly through UGAM, have provided invaluable support to numerous talented artists across various genres of Indian Classical Music.

The eagerly anticipated events organized by UGAM in Mumbai showcase a blend of emerging talents from across India alongside esteemed maestros like Pt. Shivkumar Sharma and Vidushi N Rajam, offering a rare platform for aspiring musicians and a delightful experience for audiences. This remarkable initiative owes its success to the backing of Jaipur Gems and the visionary leadership of Shri Padam Sacheti.Padam ji’s Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust has been recognising and honoring such torchbearers of Indian Classical Music since 2005, who have truly immersed themselves in the deep Sadhna of the “Sur”. In honoring the legacy of Padam Sacheti, we celebrate the harmonizing brilliance of a jeweler whose generosity continues to resonate through the melodies and rhythms of Indian Classical Music, illuminating the path for future generations to follow.

Padma Shri Umakant Gundecha

I believe that music represents the highest form of human imagination.
It serves as a profound means to convey our deepest emotions. As vocalists, we contribute to the vast realm of music in our unique manner, fully engrossed in our musical world during performances. However, there exists an essential administrative dimension that oversees this musical universe. Through the support of this administrative network, contemporary artists are exploring the frontiers of the music industry. One prominent figure in this administrative field is Shri Padam Sacheti, who originally hails from a jewelry background. While excelling in his jewelry business with integrity, Padam ji developed a passion for classical music, particularly inspired by Padma Vibhushan Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. This inspiration led to the establishment of initiatives like ‘Udaan’, which have significantly impacted the world of music, providing a platform for emerging talents in Indian classical music and offering scholarships to deserving disciples recommended by their Gurus. For over two and a half decades, Shri Padam Sacheti has dedicatedly nurtured these initiatives, guided by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma ji’s vision for the well-being of music.
His program ‘Udan’ pays homage to his late father and celebrates the rich tradition of Indian classical music, welcoming a diverse range of artists, from seasoned performers like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia to budding talents, providing them with opportunities to showcase their artistry. By meticulously supporting emerging artists just as he inspects each diamond in his jewelry business, Shri Padam Sacheti has made a lasting impact on the music industry, fostering a culture of volunteerism and promoting musical artistry while upholding his family’s business values. His unwavering commitment to musical excellence and his genuine appreciation for artists are evident in his conduct and actions, as he continues to organize musical events across various cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur. Shri Padam Sacheti’s quiet yet influential presence serves as a guiding light for artists, making him a true asset to the world of Indian classical music.Padma Bhushan Begum Parween Sultana

I extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of honoring the significant contributions of Mr. Padam Sacheti to Indian Classical Music and its musicians. I sincerely pray for his ongoing good health and commendable dedication to upholding the rich cultural heritage of our nation.Pandit Niladri Kumar

Our shared passion for music is what united us. I have had the pleasure of knowing Padam Ji for 38 years. Our introduction was facilitated by the esteemed Pdt Shiv Kumar Sharma. He exemplifies a kind and genuine spirit, with a deep appreciation for music and the arts. His dedication to promoting Indian classical music, particularly through scholarships for the younger generation, is truly admirable. I am hopeful that his family will continue his legacy and uphold this tradition.Padma Bhushan Pandit Sajan Mishra

Padam Sacheti Ji is a remarkable individual with a deep appreciation for various forms of art, including exquisite jewellery and Hindustani classical music. His initiative, Ugam, stands out as a beacon of support for both established legends and emerging talents in the Indian classical music industry. By offering scholarships to artists, Padam Ji ensures that they have the necessary resources to hone their skills and elevate their craft. His commitment to nurturing talent and preserving the cultural heritage of Indian classical music is truly commendable. Not only is Padam Ji a successful jeweler, but he also possesses a compassionate and generous spirit that shines through his philanthropic endeavors.

His personal involvement with artists, ensuring their well-being and success, exemplifies his dedication to the community. It is rare to find a business leader of his stature who actively champions and uplifts the arts, especially a traditional art form like Hindustani classical music. Padam Ji’s contributions have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in sustaining and advancing the classical music industry amidst evolving trends and interests. His friendship and support are cherished by many, reflecting the profound impact he has made on the lives of those within the industry and beyond.

Pandit Ajay Phohankar